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Post By: Mattias Theuwen

Graspop Metal Meeting 2017

After 10 years of absence, we’re storming the stage of Graspop once again!!! We’ve got a very special show lined up, with songs of all 4 albums, revised with additional live strings! Thursday 15th of june, we play at the metaldome at 22h15…

November’s Doom Days (SOFIA)

Excellent news! THURISAZ will play it’s first show ever in Bulgaria at the November’s Doom Days in Sofia! Thrilled to be on the same bill as Officium Triste, Forgotten Tomb, Fading Bliss and many more great bands! See you then!!!  

New gadgets

We made some new gadgets ! JACKET PATCH (42mm-217mm) – 10 euro ! GUITAR PICKS – for free on our gigs ! 😉  

Wintertour 2016

Last weekend was an absolute blast!!! A big thank you to Weeping Silence, for being such great band and people!!! It was an honour playing with you guys/girls!!! Also a big thank you to Marie Alwaid and Alwaid, Heonia, The Guardian, Annwyn, Laurent Hennekens @ De Meister, Gianni @ JH Tap and Asso Spits!!! We’re […]


We’re honoured to be part of the awesome line-up for Metal Over Malta 2016, together with bands as SEPTICFLESH-official-, The Foreshadowing and Weeping Silence on 18th-19th of march!! Looking forward to play Malta for the first time!!!

U.K. dates added

We’ re excited to announce there are some U.K. tour dates added for the first time ever!  Check our gig-page! And we’re still negotiating with several bookers to arrange some tours and concerts in Europe for the upcoming months! Share this and stay tuned with us to check the dates in your neighborhood !

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