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Post By: Mattias Theuwen

Album Of The Month !

We’re pride to announce our new album ‘The Pulse Of Mourning’ is ‘ALBUM OF THE MONTH’ on ! You can also check out some other excellent online reviews here : Power Of Metal – 100/100 Lords Of Metal Ezine – 93/100 Infernal Masquerade – 93/100 Metal Imperium – 9/10 Ashladan – 99/100 Peek A […]

Release ‘The Pulse Of Mourning’

Our fourth studio album The Pulse Of Mourning is out today!!! 45 minutes of pure Thurisaz music are now available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, … and of course through our online shop: Get it now! 93/100 “Nine brilliantly melancholic songs… another masterpiece” 95/100 “Impressively epic… a must have! 9/10 “Undoubtedly one […]

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