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The Cimmerian Years (2011)

1. Broken


2. My Precious Unknown

The growing of life
The change I could feel
The hope for a turning
Not yet to reveal

The power of life
Is within mij reach
Softly awakening
A newborn
Not for me to see

Anxiously waiting
For the big day
Anticipating your coming

Fulfilling our dreams
We try to pretend
Our minds are preset
To a happy end

Life will never be the same
Hope’s taken from me
reliving the moment
That came to be

But now there’s a pain
Where my heart used to be
A million blank pages
Are staring
Right back here at me

All I ever had is fading
Like a leaf drawn to the ground
Still I feel my heart is yearning
Since that day

Since that day of hope and dispair
I knew life would never be the same
All the aching all the pain
Come stay with me
Someone please help me
Why don’t you stay with me?

3. Second Mirror

Daily life, an inconvenient burden
A winding road we all have to take
Sorrow, stress and numbing fear are overwhelming me
Guide me through these cloudy days so I can regain control

Embrace your soul to regain control
To silence your fear
Embrace your soul to regain control
The moment is near

You drag yourself through dark and anxious places
You blame your god for mistakes nobody made
Questions asked, answers hiding in plain sight
Doors they close, reflections of a truth once so bright

Cry so lonely / I tried so hard to please
Try so slowly / I try to find my peace

Fearing these moments of confrontation
Cleaning my mind to avoid my frustration

Give up your contaminated disguise
Disinfect your intoxicated eyes
Look through the mirror of ilusions
Look through the mirror at the man behind

4. No Regrets

Distorted spine and legs of lead,
Unbearable silence and a spoiled stench
I cry dry tears, and hope with sudden fears
I try to hide my shame for you… this time

I close my eyes and try to hide
I blame myself for all the pain
Will I regret my life on the other side?
Is it worth playing this game

I won’t even bother to explain
so don’t ask me to share my burden again
Please, don’t judge me now
for I must leave all of this behind

I hear the sound of absent voices
deep inside my head
What made me behave this way?
How could this happen?

I thought I’ve left this behind, I’m cold inside
Lost in search for the answers, I’m lost this time
I’ll try to hide my shame but it’s me I’ll betray
I’m cold now, I’m going back, tomorrow I’ll find another way

Today started as a promising day
But my grief has taken control
It’s too late now, all harm is done
Please don’t cry in compassion

I thought I’ve left this behind… I’m cold inside
Lost in search for the answers… I’m lost this time
In silence I fade away
This time I can’t find myself in here

5. Fare Thee Well

No more vengeance, no more pain
I know your soul bleeds again
I know I’ve lost the game this time
Because your fear is mine…

Somewhere between night and day
I witness your light fading away
That look in your eyes is trying to reach me
While the demons tear you away

Please… come back… again
I’m lost… without you

Please come back into the light
We’ll embrace your soul tonight
We can still make things right
All grief will fade away

No more vengeane no more pain
All hate is quiet again
And as my soul yearns for peace
I know I’ve lost you again

6. The Carnival of Miscreation

Welcome to the obscene
A carnival fest you’ve never seen
Fille with desire and comfort in pain
where no man can resist

convince yourself and step right in
Comfort yourself for you know it’s a sin
give in to your most selfish emotions
And enter a world of oblivion

Misfits and freaks are welcoming you
Into this brothel filled with decay
Where all hope for salvation
Is just fading away

Brace yourself
And step right in
The trip of a lifetime
Is about to begin

Whores and Gents, please cast away
Your last bit of pride and decency
Lean back and enjoy the ride
You’re the one we’ll sacrifice tonight

Your most perverted skills
won’t satisfy your greedy mind
All is set for you to leave it all behind this time

My insanity is growing inside me
It’s the delight of failure
Amorphous creatures are laughing and dancing
Leaving their marks to defeat me

The stench is draining my sense of reality
These images burn inside

Silhouettes of pure demise
Are roaming through the night
Echoes of insanity
The splendour of evil inside

Your most perverted skills
won’t satisfy your greedy mind
All is set for you to leave it all behind one final time

Ladies and gentlemen step right in
And embrace yourself for the trip of a lifetime
Give in to your most intimate desires
And enter this realm of lust
Unlike all others places
Welcome to the carnival of miscreation
Where pure sensation is quite a lie

7. Inner Voices

Narrowed down the voices in my head
To those who speak in silence
‘Cause all the others loudly shouting out
Resorts in utter violence

Feels like a storm is gathering inside my chest
Because of all your silence
How can you do what you have done
With sich a childlike innocence?

Seems like it’s just me who never knew
What you were hiding
So what am I to do with all those hopes
Life seems so very frightening

Feels like I’m draining myself inside
Oblivious and silent
shuffling feet come slowly towards me
Deadly and defiant

8. Unhealed

Caught within these dark and foul days
We chose to go our seperate ways
It all seemed right and justified
But the sickened feelings were growing inside of me

A years flew by and things were growing dim
Two unseperate souls each went their way in sin
Nothing more to discover
The passion’s gone but the guilt still remains

I know this gesture wasn’t meant to be
some unhealed scars between you and me … I’m losing you
When the pain emerges and strikes my heart
and the longing for your touch carves in my mind…
I’m begging you

And as pain strikes my heart
And the longing for your touch still stands
I know this wasn’t meant to be
As nothing’s more destructive
Nothing’s more relentless
As the bond between you and me

9. A Glance of Misperception

I looked myself in the eyes
Perhaps a glance of misperception
the weary twilight in my soul
I long for comforting words

I’m scared but I try to smile
repentant for all my sins
Will I ever be the same again?

I’ll wait to face the prison of my life
The remnant of old and painful memories
Imperceptible to come, yet so harmful to all
I taste love and hate
A blindfold for a clear insight

Incomprehensible delusions and denial
I agonize my self-hatred
I reminisce the endless afterbirth
I fall on my knees
And surrender to my demise

TI conceal myself right now
Just in case your darker half should try to get out
Is it all woth while?
‘Cause near the end we all long to die…